Building Homes and Turning Your Dreams to Reality

Welcome to Artisan Designer Homes, your partner in building your dream home. We are a premier home builder in Tampa, Florida. We are committed to creating beautiful homes in some of the finest neighborhoods and communities in the city. We do not only build houses; we build homes that turn your dreams into reality.

Whether your dream home is a simple one-storey unit or a palace-like building, we will help you realize that vision. Whether you want your home in a big gated community or a quiet neighborhood, we will help you fulfill that goal.

Artisan Designer Homes specializes in building homes that combine the best resources with excellent craftsmanship. We follow a strict building process and focus on quality control to make sure we deliver what we promise. In addition to this, we provide for you a wide variety of home design options. As such, your home is sure to be stylish and unique. We can even personalize designs according to your needs and preferences.

At Artisan Designer Homes, our customers are always number one.

img2Artistic Homes Only in Tampa, Florida

Artistic Designer Home is composed of individuals who know what true art is all about. As such, it is easy for us to build homes that stand out because of their artistry. Every room and every corner, and all the indoor and outdoor features, are meticulously handled by real artisans; designers who know what personalized and unique home design is all about.

Everyone at Artistic Designer Home has an eye for art. So, for us, home building is not just a construction process; it is an art. It is a statement; one that says “This home is me. This home is what I am and what I want you to see.”

Allow us to turn your dreams into reality. Let us build your dream home. To get more information about our offered services, and to get a free estimate of your dream home, contact us today.

Four Tips for Deciding on a Home Design That Suits You

So you have finally decided to build your dream home. You’ve scouted for a location and believe that you found the perfect one. You’ve also checked your budget and discovered that you’re within the limit. However, you still have no idea what kind of design you want or need. Here are four tips that can help you choose the one that suits you best.

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Land or Location

In building a home, location is essential. The size of the property is likewise important. Therefore, these are the two factors that you need to consider first. How big is the land you chose? Is it enough for you and your family? Where is it located? Does it give you a good view of the city? Is it located near schools, hospitals, and commercial establishments? Identifying these two factors will help you determine the size, shape, and structure of your home.

2. Think About the Feature You Need

It’s not about the features you want; it’s about what you need in your home. How big should your living room be? How many will be taking their meals in the dining room? How many bedrooms will your ideal home need? Do you need a nursery, or a pantry, or maybe a patio? All these will play important roles in your choice of home design.

3. Check Out Different Home Design Magazines

To give you an idea – several ideas – of the home design that suits you best, go through different home design magazines. It doesn’t mean you need to copy the exact design of the homes there; all you need are inspirations for creating the design you need.

4. Check and Double Check Your Budget

It is not enough to check your budget once; you need to do so several times while looking for a good home design. You may already be aware of your budget limits, but it’s important to check and double check, so you are sure not to go over. Keep in mind that you need to prepare for unexpected expenses, so it is essential to have a little extra amount all throughout the process.

Three Signs That Say You Need a Home Renovation

You love your home. It is cozy and comfortable. It is paradise in the middle of a chaotic city life. This is why you do your best to keep it clean and organized. Sometimes, though, you tend to overlook the little things, and these little things often turn to major problems. These are problems that you need to take care of at the soonest time possible, especially if you would not want to damage your home any further. Thurs, you need to pay attention and take note of the signs that say you home needs some renovation.

1. Light Bulbs That Flicker Sometimes – or All the Time.


A lot of homeowners often take this for granted, but when a light bulb starts to flicker, you need to have it changed. Even if does not flicker all the time, if you do not do anything about it, it can balloon into a bigger problem. Don’t wait for the lights to die down slowly, get new bulbs to replace the flickering ones. If you want quality light bulbs, go for LEDs. They don’t only last long; they are also financially practical.

2. Your Basement Has Become Useless


Basements are not just for storing old furniture or boxes of paper and forgotten memorabilia. Basements can also be used as a functional room. If you think your basement has been useless for some time, you’ll need a little renovation to make it useful. For example, you can convert it into a TV room or a library. Or maybe you can add one more bedroom so your kids can have one each. The decision is entirely up to you. Just make sure that you need to do away with all the boxes and furniture. Maybe you can sell them to a thrift shop. Better yet, you can organize a garage sale to get rid of basement items you no longer need.

3. Chipped Paint, Loose Tiles, and Termites


Chipped wall paint is also a sign that you need a home renovation. Once paint starts to chip, it won’t take long until the wall rots and develops holes. Likewise, loose tiles are a serious issue. Aside from not looking good, loose tiles can also lead to complete floor damage. However, the most telling sign that your home needs a renovation is the presence of termites. If this problem is not handled properly, all the wooden parts of your home will be destroyed. Before calling a home builder or renovation specialist, hire the services of a pest control professional.

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